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Eco House is an Action for Sustainability non-profit organization whose main objective is to promote sustainable development through education, politics, communication, consultancy, ecological restoration and volunteering.

The organization consists of 12 internal Departments, each of which plan, develop and execute a variety of socio-environmental Programs.

PDF: What we do – Getting to know Eco House.
PDF: Discovering Eco House Internal Structure.
→ PDF: The Pillars of change (coming soon).

PDF:  Organization chart.



The Department of International Relations, better known as “Eco House Global”, adapts the Organization’s Programs so that they can be carried out in other cities, countries and continents (the “Territory”).

Modus operandi:
1. Submit an application to start an Eco House in certain Territory.
2. Approval by Eco House Global.
Research and analysis of the socio-environmental situation of the new territory.

4. Adaptation of Programs to the region’s idiosyncrasy and culture.
5. Execution and implementation.
6. Management control, update and experience capitalization.


► Eco House Global (Arévalo 1557, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina) | EHG.
► EH Pilar (Bs. As., Argentina) | EHP.
► EH La Plata (Bs. As., Argentina) | EHLP.
► EH Salta Capital (Salta, Argentina) | EHS.
► EH Córdoba (Córdoba, Argentina) | EHC.
► EH Concordia (Entre Ríos, Argentina) | EHCC.

Coming soon: new locations!

► On going inductions: 23.


► From 2016 to 2020, its “Agentes of Change” volunteer program made EHG one of the youth-led movements with the highest amount of volunteers in Latin America (a project then replicated by dozens of partner organizations). Currently, EHG works with more than 30 programs, most of them internationally recognized.
► EHG was recorgnized as Youth Leader by the United Nations Development Program.
► It was declared to be of Environmental Interest by the Argentina National Congress and the Legislature of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, one of the largest cities in Latin America.
► We are present in many of the most relevant regional newspapers: links.
► EHG co-found Alianza x el Clima Argentina (the Argentina Climate Alliance), the first coalition of environmental organizations fighting against the climate crisis, and co-organizer of the first Youth Climate Summit Latinoamérica & the Caribbean (RCOY LAC 1), which includes the regional network of youth lead organisations against climate change.


► Click HERE to see what we did in the last couple of years!


1) Read all the documents of this Drive folder: click HERE.

2) Listen to the following audio.

3) Send an e-mail to with the following data:
A. Complete CV of the person who wishes to represent Eco House, the general coordinators.
*If it is more than one person, send all the corresponding CVs.
B. Indicate in which city you want to activate an Eco House.
C. A written explanation of why you want to found an Eco House in your city (maximum 700 words).
D. A selfie video explaining and/or expanding on what is written in point C (maximum 4 minutes).

*Subject of the e-mail: “Eco House in my city”.

4) ¡We will contact you as soon as we can!

¡Thank you very much!

PD. Frequently asked questions: coming soon.