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Eco House is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to promote sustainable development through education, volunteering, advocacy work and environmental certification.

The organization consists of 10 internal Departments, each of which plan, develop and execute a variety of socio-environmental Programs.

PDF: Discovering Eco House (english).
PDF: Organization chart (english).
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The Department of International Relations, better known as “Eco House Global”, adapts the Organization’s Programs so that they can be carried out in other cities, countries and continents.

1. Research and analysis of the socio-environmental situation of the new territory (country / province / city).
2. Adaptation of Programs to the region’s idiosyncrasy and culture.
3. Execution and implementation.
4. Management control, update and experience capitalization.

COMING SOON: “How to found an Eco House in your city”.
*You can start with just one Program! So the “wheel of change” starts spinning!


► Eco House is currently one of the environmental organizations with the largest amount of volunteers in Argentina.
► It was declared to be of Environmental Interest by the Legislature of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, one of the largest cities in Latin America.
► It has the institutional support of the Argentine Department of Environmental Affairs and Sustainable Development.
► We are present in many of the most relevant regional newspapers: links.
► Constant interaction with the UN (United Nations): links.
► Constant interaction with the UN (United Nations): links.
► Co-found Alianza x el Clima Argentina (the Argentina Climate Alliance), the first coalition of environmental organizations fighting against the climate crisis.


Eco House is comprised by over 500 volunteers, whom, together, have managed to: educate over 50,000 school-age children (Conscious Schools Program); certificate over 150 businesses (Environmental Certification Department); hold more than 250 intensive workshops in both prisons and underpriviledged neighbourhoods —aimed at highly vulnerable young people—; organise over 200 events (Conscious Events Department); install more than 800 cigarette butt bins in public spaces (Cigarette Butts Program); hand out over 1000 compost bins (Compost Program); create a brand new, 500-square-meter venue in Palermo Hollywood —Buenos Aires, ARG— in order to “demystify Sustainable Development and provide a public space for social entrepreneurs to give talks, trainings and make their projects public for free”—; be declared of Environmental Interest by the Buenos Aires City Legislature; create one of the biggest urban orchards in Palermo (coming soon: new, 200-meter community orchard in Downtown Buenos Aires!); bring together sportspeople and artists in support of the environment (Environmental Ambassadors Program); co-found Alianza x el Clima (the Climate Alliance), the first coalition of environmental organizations fighting against the climate crisis; create the first ever soccer tournament for ecology (Eco House Cup Program); bring the EcoToons to life; raise awareness in over 10 000 people through the book “Un día de Ecología” —“An ecology day”— (coming soon: second edition!); host over 60 international students as interns in Buenos Aires (El Foro Program); become an “environmental call centre” (by replying to thousands of environment-related doubts via e-mail, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp); educate tens of politicians, government employees and journalists on environmental topics; thanks to Eco House influence, the National Congress declared its profound concern over the Climate and Ecology Emergency —making the Argentine Republic the first country in Latin America to address the issue officially— and sancioned the National Climate Change Bill; launched the documentary “Buscando a las toninas” —Searching toninas—, wich made a big impact, and was the driving force for the creation of new policies and seeking of solutions to the problem shown (declared of Cultural Interest by the National Congress and the Buenos Aires City Legislature); among many, many other achievements.
*Disclaimer: the figures aforementioned correspond to the past 1200 days (to December 2019).


Soon, we will open new venues in Europe, the USA, Asia and other Latin-American countries. If you want to found an Eco House office, let us know!

Contact information
WP: +549 116 547 4646